Thursday, May 17, 2007

Manchester United, FAM and AFC

So far we know that FAM does not want to allow MU to play in KL on 27th July 2007. However, the long sighted PM want MU to come and play in Malaysia. So reluctantly, FAM allows MU to play. Then AFC came back to say that it does not want MU to play in KL on that date. Fifa also comes in. The event organiser for Asia Cup starts looking at the Malaysian Government signed guarantee that no other major game will be played during that time. Malaysian may have to pay compensation. So, at worse, Malaysian will have to pay to watch MU play, then have to compensate for the game, then have FAM hanged, then have the national team be unable to play at any international tournament. MU players could also be barred from playing.

Back to the MU game, who is the event organiser? Perhaps somebody big? Somebody with great influence? I have no idea. anybody knows? Please let me know.

My personal opinion, the risk to the future of Malaysian football is great. Why should we take the risk just for a one time pleasure and an insignificant tourism income to the country? Perhaps the event organiser can get millions of profit thus higher tax but at what risk?

I see this as Malaysia leadership lacked of foresight, future planning and strategic thinking. Malaysia think tank behid the leadership should not be a yes man either to the leadership or anybody else related to the leadership.

Then again maybe the mission is to kill off FAM and Malaysian Football and replace it with a reality TV type of football tournament without having to seek endorsement and event management from AFC.

I really have no idea and can only speculate.