Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Marwan at Marwanism has tagged me. I am to provide '7 Reasons Why You Blog'. Let's see. I'm not so much into this community blog culture yet. I need to get to know what this tagging is all about. Here, google and wiki is my friend. From my understanding, it is started with the game of tag where the person who was touch will be It. [Sapa kena cuit dia jadi]. Somehow it evolved into a blog tag. How? I don't have the time to find out. I'm tagged so here goes

'7 Reasons Why You Blog'

1. It's a cheap hobby

2. I need a place to put my thoughts before I lose them

3. I don't have time for an elaborate website

4. A place to share my view

5. I need to claim my spot in the blogosphere before it's gone

6. I have too much time...sometimes

7. I want world peace, everlasting love and justice for all.

Do I have to tag anyone? Let me see....

Rainy Friday, Sharlini, Acob

7 Reasons Why You Blog

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Losing Friends and Colleagues

This month is not a very good month for me. The year of the Boar definitely does not start with good things. The most obvious is when my colleagues which I considered as friends started to leave the company, one by one. The admin manager left earlier in December. In January, the deputy project director called me in to tell me that he might be leaving as well. As March came, he left. Before him, one of the shareholder also packed up his bags and pull out his money.

However, a severe blow came in when someone in the department told me she is leaving as well. Then came another severe blow in a form of a phone call from another friend in the department. He said he will not be coming back from his holiday. He is now doing a freelance job for his old company. I almost want to hang up. Nevertheless, I accepted their decision. I have dealt with resignation before but the sheer number of friends and colleague leaving at the same time did touched me. I felt sad.

Reflecting back, we had a good time together in the department. In the same train of thoughts, I remembered how close we were as friends and colleagues. There are almost not a single dull moment. Then I realised that losing colleagues does not mean losing friends. We can still keep in touch. We can still chat. We can still meet up. Maybe not as often but true friends does not have to be colleagues.

So to all my friends who are leaving, do keep in touch.

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